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Our Mission:

AMU Nutrition’s mission is to share their blended ‘East-meets-West’ nutritional philosophy worldwide, to improve global health both through nutrition and education.  Both Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Traditional Mongolian Medicine (TMM) view every person a unique, proprietary composition of the 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Our Approach:

Amu’s approach, in accordance with ancient East Asian medicinal philosophy, focuses on the unique composition of each human body and system, and their regimens are thus custom-tailored….which makes the Amu company, itself, unique.
In addition to this philosophical approach, Amu’s products are all-natural and typically organically-grown. Indeed, the ancient soils of Mongolia remain untouched by pesticides and other harmful chemicals, ensuring an unparalleled, virginal soil vitality from which to develop truly clean, wholesome grains.