Nutritionist 1:1 private consultation


Amu Nutrition is based on Traditional Mongolian Medicine and modern nutrition, find out the real cause of imbalance and through food as medicine concept, support your general health. The Amu Nutrition products are functional food for diet and healthy lifestyle, not medicine and herb.

For a consultation, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: fill up this link: some questions if you cannot answer, you can skip. If you cannot prepare the tongue and urine picture, it is totally ok. Also, you can send my text message the tongue and urine pictures.

Click here to fill up questions

Step 2: schedule the appointment

Click here to schedule a 60 min session time

? Based on traditional medicine, it is very personalized and customized only for you

? Define the food should eat& shouldn’t eat

? Define digestive fire, and explain it 

? Define 5 elements imbalance, and explain to you, where to start to adjust

? If you want to lose weight, we will give you the advice

? Other health-related, functional nutritional advice

Disclaimer: If you have a serious illness that required immediate attention, please contact your medical provider.