Food as medicine cabenit


When you have the need for some symptoms, food may help you.

Mung bean

Adzuki bean

White bean



100% natural food, no additives
Natural (due to USDA organic certificate unavailable in Mongolia, unable to certified by Organic)
Product of Mongolia. We cultivate our some of the ingredients in Mongolia, use low-temperature micro drying technology to preserve the nutrients.

Products: 4 types of tea and 4 types of beans

Beans: Black bean, Adzuki bean, Mung  bean, Bonus White bean 

Teas: Tartary buckwheat, fennel seed, Chamomile tea, Gojiberry tea

Directions for use: Take 2 times a day. Put 2 teaspoons of powder in 1/2 cup warm water.  Stir well and drink it for breakfast. It is already cooked beans, thus can eat directly. Don’t need to soak and cook.

The recommended time to eat: morning for breakfast and afternoon between meals. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN

How to storage: Store in a dry, cool place (59-86OF; 5-30OC) 3 years.


Хэрэглэх заалт:

Насанд хүрсэн хүн : 2 халбагыг хагас аяга бүлээн усанд хийж ууна.

Хүүхэд: 1 халбагыг хагас аяга бүлээн усанд хийж ууна. Эдгээр зовиур шинж тэмдэг илэрснээс хойш 3-5 хоног өдөрт 2 удаа ууна. Унтахаас амна хэрэглэхгүй байвал тохиромжтой.

Өглөөний цайны буурцагтай зутан хийх

1 аяга усанд эсвэл ясны шөлөнд дараахи орцыг чанах

+Буурцагнуудаас 1 том халбага

+Улаан чавга 1-3 ш

+Улаан үзэм 10ш Gojiberry