Natural and no chemicals

Amu’s products are all-natural and typically organically-grown. We don’t add any additives. We used low temperature processing technology to save the nutrient and guarantee the quality. We only mixed the agricultural products like superfruits, seeds, grains, beans, roots and mushrooms. We don’t use herbs for Superfood. You can see the production process from the video.

It is functional foods, not herb, more than regular foods

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. In other words, grains, meat, vegetables and fruit should be used in proper proportions so as to maintain the normal function of human body.

It is from Mongolia, more than organic

We grow Tartary buckwheat, Flaxseed, Black beans, Adzuki beans, White beans, Gojiberry, wild yam in Mongolia.  Also, we used wild products like lily root, hibiscus and fennel seed from untouched nomadic country Mongolia. Indeed, the ancient soils of Mongolia remain untouched by pesticides and other harmful chemicals, ensuring an unparalleled, virginal soil vitality from which to develop truly clean, gluten free grains and superfruits

It is Medicine Buddha’s ancient wisdom and ingredients

These ingredients are from TMM’s sutra. Which is inherited from Medicine buddha. Based on ancient medicine, every disease can be divided by cold and warm. And every food has their taste, function and cooling or heating effect. These tastes and cooling or heating effects actually can affect to our body and reduce the symptoms.

Inside: Superfruits/ seeds/ grains/ beans/ roots/ mushrooms

We use ingredients with gluten free no additives. We also dried seed and beans in low temperature. Our all ingredients are non-GMO. We are soybean free.

  • Superfruits and veggies: wild yam, goji berry, hawthorn, jujube, gorgon fruits, Ginkgo biloba, chamomile, dried ginger
  • Seeds: cucumber seeds, flaxseeds, wax gourd seed, grapeseed, pumpkin seed, Semen Cassiae, fennel seed, black sesame seed, lotus seed,
  • Grains: Tartary buckwheat, black rice, brown rice, job’s tear
  • Beans: mung bean, adzuki bean, black bean, white bean,
  • Roots: kudzu root, lily root,
  • Mushrooms : Wolfiporia mushroom

Superior quality control for raw materials

We have an extensive system for maintaining the highest possible standards for quality control of our raw materials. Your health and well-being are our highest priority, and everything we do is managed with that in mind. We employ leading experts in the field of Mongolian Traditional medicine (TMM) and TCM, and we have partnered with reputable laboratories in the U.S. and U.K. to ensure the purity and safety of our food products.

Amu nutrition requires microbiological testing and certificates of analysis from all of our suppliers for every batch of production. We do not rely on vendor certificates of analysis for testing data. The herbs are tested for the following:

  • Total Aerobic Microbial Count
  • Total combined yeast and molds
  • Coliforms
  • E. Coli
  • Salmonella